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Reiki II Training
Hosted by: CORE/El Centro
Saturday, March 24, 20188:30 am - 5:00 pm
The second degree training builds on the energy healing process taught in the First Degree training. Those who desire to expand their energy healing abilities and open themselves to the deepening power of reiki are encouraged to participate.
This level includes: Receiving the Second Degree Reiki Attunement; the reiki power symbols and their use in a reiki treatment; how to evaluate the energy flow in clients; other procedures for a complete reiki treatment; procedures for absentee reiki treatments (sending reiki to someone at a distance); supervised practice sessions; guidelines for establishing your own reiki practice and a Second Degree Reiki Certificate.

Pre-requisite: First Degree Reiki Training Attunement and 3-4 months of practice

CORE El Centro

130 West Bruce Street

4th Floor

Milwaukee, WI 53204

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