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Anyone can easily search the events they’re interested in.
  • Search events by category, keyword, organization, heritage, date, price and location. There are many ways to find what you’re interested in!
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  • View search results in either a List View or a monthly Calendar View.
Spread the word about events and build community!
  • Email event details to your friends’ and family’s email addresses that are imported from your Outlook, Google or Yahoo address books; or imported from iCal or vCard (.vcf) files.
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  • Help get the word out on! Let community organizations and others know about this new and FREE way to post relevant events and reach a wider community.
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  • RSVP for events and purchase tickets online directly from host organizations using these features.

Non-profits, businesses and individuals share events & more!
  • An Organization Member is considered to be any non-profit organization, for-profit business or individual (e.g., artist, entertainer, dance teacher, language instructor) that hosts a relevant event.
  • Sign-up is required to post events but it is FREE and fast! There is easy sign-up with Facebook and Twitter integrations as well.
  • Claim and manage your event if you find it already listed on by contacting us and registering.
  • Opt-in for the Online Public Directory to share even more!
  • Share your organization’s mission statement, event types and listings of any volunteer opportunities or scholarship programs.
  • Reinforce branding with your uploaded logo.
Share all event details, don’t leave out a thing.
  • Create new events from scratch or duplicate and update prior events.
  • Select up to three category types that each event falls into.
  • Provide bilingual event descriptions or modify Google Translate translations to communicate with both Spanish and English speakers!
  • Display a Google Map of your event’s location.
  • Share your organization’s own website event links, too!
  • Create a personalized URL link for each event posting.
  • Upload your event logo, sponsor logo and/or event flyer graphics.
Use’s event management system to track guests and sell tickets online. FREE!
  • Import invitee emails from your Outlook, Google or Yahoo address books as well as from iCal or vCard (.vcf) files.
  • Send an automatic event invite email to newly added invitees.
  • Use flexible ticket options (e.g., individuals, groups).
  • Create customized ticket questions for open-ended or defined answers (e.g., meal preferences, workshop selections).
  • Accept credit cards payments online through PayPal feature.
  • View real-time registration reporting, including confirmed attendees and pending or problem RSVPs.
  • Use manual entry option to submit RSVP info on behalf of any registrants.
  • Export RSVP reports to Excel or Numbers spreadsheets to manage list, print name badges, etc
  • Email confirmed attendees for event updates, instructions, etc.
“Push” your event to Facebook, Twitter and more!
  • Publish your event to Facebook and comment about it on Facebook, and Tweet about your event on Twitter… from!
  • Push event details to general public event listing sites and
  • Let invitees easily share your event with others via email, Facebook or Twitter through our integrated features.
  • Add a calendar of events to your organization’s website through the FREE MiVoz Calendar Widget. (Coming Soon!)
  • Participate in our monthly Featured Organization or Featured Event program that is publicized on the homepage and is included in the monthly e-newsletter.