Building community one event at a time.
CORE/El Centro
To make healing services accessible, to build community, and to inspire to wholeness all who desire the healing capacities of natural therapies. As a non-profit, we are dedicated to accomplishing this by offering natural healing practices and wholistic exercises that integrate body, mind and spirit and by creating an environment that nurtures self-healing and community well-being.
Located at the corner of 2nd & Bruce St, CORE/El Centro offers exercise and wellness services to all regardless of ability to pay. Approximately 70% of the 22,532 individuals that reside within one mile of CORE/El Centro are Latinos. About 75% of our clients are Latino.
CORE/El Centro is a not-for-profit natural healing center for all, with a special focus on underserved and low-income persons, founded on the central principle that the body’s natural ability to heal is enhanced when natural healing modalities are integrated with conventional medicine, cognitive behavioral principles and ancient spiritual practices.
At the heart of our mission is a belief system that all individuals have untapped energy at the CORE of their being that when accessed creates personal and global healing and a more caring world. CORE/El Centro believes that through nurturing, listening and responding to the deeper wisdom of body, mind and spirit, individuals can heal, empower and transform themselves and their families, their communities and the world.
CORE/El Centro creates a safe and healing environment that fosters leadership and personal growth. We do this by encouraging individuals to explore the untapped energy within, which often improves their ability to function on a personal, communal and global level.
Our bodywork services include Acupuncture, Massage, Reiki, Healing Touch, Color Therapy and Breathwork. Movement classes include: Yoga, Nia, Zumba, Latin Dance and Children’s Ballet. Our education component teaches self-healing techniques, stress reduction, nutrition and leadership development.
Our programs include: Children’s Wellness, Integrative Health, Special Needs, Trauma & Healing, Thriving with Cancer, Community Health & Fitness, Garden & Nutrition, and Proyecto Salud.
We invite you to volunteer with us and partner in our mission to create access, build community, and inspire to wholeness. Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

- Interpreters for classes and acupuncture appointments–– In order to create greater access for Spanish-speaking clients, our movement classes are taught in English and translated Spanish (or taught in Spanish and translated into English). Interpreters are asked to make a weekly commitment to interpreting a particular class. Additionally, we are seeking interpreters for various times throughout the week to assist acupuncturists in appointments with Spanish-speaking clients.
- Translation of outreach material – We are seeking individuals to assist with the Spanish translation of outreach material such as newsletters, flyers and brochures. This role does not require a regular commitment and most of the transmission of materials and communication can be accomplished via email and telephone.
- Children’s activities assistants – In order to create greater access to services for clients, we offer children’s activities during our movement classes in the evenings. Volunteers are needed to assist our Children’s Activities coordinator with healthy fun activities for the children while parents participate in movement classes. Assistants are needed from 5:30 – 8:30 most evenings and Saturday mornings from 9:30 – 11:00.
- Movement instructors – We are seeking instructors for movement classes including Yoga, Nia, Zumba, Tai Chi, Pilates, and children’s dance. We are open to these and other classes to be taught on a weekly basis. We are also open to shorter series of classes and special workshops.
- Massage therapists, acupuncturists, breath workers, energy workers (Reiki, Brennan Healing Science), and others – Bodywork practitioners normally volunteer to see 2 or more clients weekly or bi-weekly. This is a great volunteer opportunity for practitioners who want to offer natural healing services to individuals who might not normally be able to access these treatments.
- Distributors of outreach materials – Outreach volunteers assist with taking newsletters, movement schedules and other material to various locations around Milwaukee, helping to connect others with information about the great things happening at CORE/El Centro! This position does not require a regular commitment.
- Movement class greeters – Movement class greeters assist with morning and afternoon classes by greeting clients and answering basic client questions. This responsibility involves arriving to class 15 minutes early and staffing the desk in the movement studio. When class begins, volunteers can certainly participate in class if they choose.
- Environment/cleaning assistants - Volunteers are needed to help us create and maintain a healthy, attractive, healing environment. Responsibilities include light cleaning of the movement studio and treatment rooms as well as organizing materials, flyers, and schedules in the office spaces.
- Office assistants – Volunteers are needed to help copy, fold and organize outreach material, make phone calls, enter data, and other various tasks. This position does not require a regular commitment.
- Technology support – Individuals possessing experience with computers and telecommunications are needed to assist us with keeping our networks, wiring, software and computers up to date.
- Laundry assistants – Volunteers are needed to help us with laundry. Ideally, laundry volunteers make a weekly commitment, however, bi-weekly or occasional laundry volunteers are also welcomed!
- Grant writers and fundraising volunteers - Volunteers are needed to assist with seeking and applying for grants and other sources of external funding.
- Special events and fundraising event volunteers – Volunteers are needed to assist with all aspects of one day events such as festival and fundraisers. Areas include set-up, children’s activities, food preparation and service, information tables, and translation.