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Alianza Latina Aplicando Soluciones
Alianza Latina Aplicando Soluciones promotes the development of children and young adults with special needs via resources, education, training, advocacy and referral for individuals, families, caregivers and the community with the goal of improving their quality of life.

Our vision is for children and youth with special needs to achieve their goals creating a positive impact in their lives.
A.L.A.S. began in June 1997 as a support group for non-English speaking mothers of special needs children. These mothers were frustrated by the lack of services available to their children and the need to have information available in their native language. They reached out to other moms in the same situtation and from there created a network to make trainings on advocacy accessable to them.

13 years later Alianza Latina has become an organization serving the needs of over 350 families and 175 professionals in the City of Milwaukee.

Our Services

Special Education Training

Parents, and caregivers are trained to understand the process of special education which included; Parents Rights, Introduction to Special Education, IEP Process, IDEA, 504 Plan, Transition and other services available for children with special needs. We also have Parent Advocates available to provide one on one service.


Parents, families and other caregivers, are taught advocacy skills empowering them with the necessary knowledge to search and receive that best health care and special education services available. We want parents to strive for their children's success.

Parent to Parent Latino Project

Parent to Parent of WI started in 2003. This program provides mentoring for parents of children with special needs. Parents who have older special needs children are trained to support new parents who have a child with the same diagnosis. As we all know having a newborn with a disability can be very challenging; having support helps parent face this new and difficult journey.

Translation and Interpretation

Translations free of charge for families participants of ALAS. Interpretation and translation services are available to all other organizations and community based agencies for a small fee.
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