Building community one event at a time.
Archdiocese of Milwaukee
We, the members of the Church of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, believe:

- that by our baptism we are called to share in the mission of Jesus Christ here in Southeastern Wisconsin;
that through the action of the Holy Spirit we build up the Body of Christ as we contribute our unique gifts that come from the richness of our personal, cultural, and racial diversities;
- that we are joined in that Spirit and by the bond of love to the members of the Church Universal, and in a special way to the Church of Rome and its bishop, our Pope;
that we are united to all the members of the Church in the U.S.A. as we face with them and all people of goodwill the challenges of our day; that we have a special concern for strengthening and living out the Faith in this State of Wisconsin.

Archbishop Cousins Catholic Center

3501 S. Lake Dr.

Milwaukee, WI 53235

(414) 769-3300